The R Word

screen-shot-2016-08-18-at-11-16-10-am-png.png (598×598)As you probably know, this 1999 crime has been the talk for the past month or so.  I’m learning new facts weekly and these don’t change my opinion that Parker should be castrated.  Though I’m a woman of color and a rape survivor, I’m also sensitive to other issues, such as mental health.  According to Ebony magazine, Nate Parker is too (I’m sure his publicity team, for what it’s worth at this point, had some encouragement in this also).

Now, my understanding is that Parker and his victim had a casual sex relationship prior to the attack.  This is not uncommon but does not take away from his violent actions, which included attempting to force a train, harassing his accuser, and downplaying the incident in earlier interviews.  Even when addressed about her suicide in 2012, Parker waxed poetically and made it about his poor widdle feelings.

In short, who has sex with someone not in their right mind?  Do you really enjoy sex with an inebriated person?  I sure didn’t!

My 19/20 y.o. self did many things I’m not proud of today and smashing someone I wasn’t in a committed relationship with is in the Top 3.  Not far behind was being in public places intoxicated, sometimes getting behind the wheel or letting someone I barely knew inside my vehicle.  To top it off, I would be in a strange part of town where police brutality is strong and I have no real friends or relatives within immediate reach.

This scenario is worse than that of Parker’s accuser.  I’m sure women have done much worse since but it doesn’t justify being attacked.

Yes, there is opportunity and a person can get away with it almost as easily as snatching their cash on-hand.  However, no person should be worshiped, or better, there should be no debate about someone who commits any act of violence because they are an athlete, a possible force to be reckoned with on the screen, or they are considered handsome.  (L.A.Times)

Traumatic events can really mess with someone’s head.  One day a person can feel good but one attack or visual, can change things overnight.  They are not themselves, as they view the world as a dark place.  Parker’s accuser eventually got married and had a child but ending up dropping out of school, as a result of organizing a group of students to taunt her on campus.  A cure does not come in a prescription bottle…in fact, it can make things worse.

Today I’m happy to tell part of my story and let women know to not give up their power when possible because the road to justice is a long one (my attacker was convicted because I was a minor at the time).  In the meantime, Parker’s presence on some decent films was refreshing compared to the many faces of Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry Productions, or the juvenile vibe of the Wayans brothers.  However, I don’t see him overcoming this one. I just hope one of his five daughters does not suffer too much.

Why Drs. Today Need Watching

Hell, people in general need watching but that’s another post.  Not long ago, I contracted sinusitis.  My instructor insisted on hacking during lecture instead of taking her sloppy butt to the restroom, coughing that mess out and having a hot drink.  I even suggested it because I could feel myself getting weaker but for the last two weeks of class, she arrived with a cold, sugary drink…every night!  Thought it was a cold until I realized that I’d gone through about 10 packs of Mucinex over a 4-month period 🙁

So I go to the clinic where I got a 10-day supply of antibiotics and some meds.  The female doc explains that the chemo has left my immune system below average and this will probably go on for the rest of my life.  Anyway, besides the sinusitis, she predicted that post-nasal drip that comes from my being outside and around unsanitary elements (for those who don’t know, I’m in L.A.) cause me to hack incessantly. I get a prescription for Bausch & Lomb nasal spray and citirizine, which are little pills for allergies.

I grew up taking allergy pills and there’s nothing worse for an overweight kid than to be sleepy all the damn time.  From what I can recall, when I adjusted my diet (Weight Watchers), I had less need for 1970s go-to-sleep-in-the-afternoon medicine.  So fast forward, the spray works okay though I have to taste it in the back of my mouth for it to work.  

One day, the hacking was real bad.  I think I did stress my system more than normal so I took the citirizine.  I was super-sleepy and my sleep pattern was ruined for a couple of days but I survived.  The second time left me all messed up.  I was wide awake nights and nodding throughout the day.  I was also backed up, nothing was passing through.  One thing I found is that extreme constipation can raise the numbers on the scale because body fluid just builds around the intestinal obstruction, eventually causing swelling in the extremities.

The Next Time You Think Your Life Sucks…

….check out this young lady that’s taken time to make lemon puree.

Dealing with a tumor is probably one of the biggest challenges any person can deal with, especially when it is visible. Facial tumors can present just as many problems as internal growths because it’s near other major organs. Normally, I don’t care about makeup tutorials but this woman has found her inside beauty as well.

While it may be easy to hide in the house, it takes a special kind of person to deal with haters the way she does, both online and in public.

We’re Still Here Folks!

CatCall 2.0

Check out CatCall 2.0 every Friday!

Things have been a little crazy but peep me this weekend, as there has been a lot on my mind in the past couple of weeks.  The Facebook page is updated every Friday and as you can see, there are a lot of opinions about the elections, Rio, and our economic state.  This page also celebrates women who are doing the damn thing.

A couple of people have asked me why we don’t do the who political thing, especially since a woman has finally made to the primaries.  Truth, we’ve always been kind of lightweight when it comes to politics, meaning it’s out of our scope.  Personally, I would rather remain mute than get into something where I don’t know all the facts.  What I do know is that while I am not with HER, I definitely am not with some evil, orange-haired wildebeest running my country.  However, like anyone else, I welcome change in my everyday ways and views.  So this the option I’m considering for the November elections.  It will make many firsts and hopefully our country will progress instead of going back into time.

The GENEROUS zine will be on sale for the remainder of August but the regular price will go into effect in September and free trials will only be available to new subscribers.  Got more content than ever but for less than $2, they are a something different to add to your media collection

Happy B-Day Lucy!

Today, Ms. Ball would have been 105 and the series with then-husband is still a hoot today.  Sometimes people question why I love this show since ol’ girl couldn’t handle working in a candy factory and relied on her husband for money and opportunity to get into the business. Here’s the thing.  She (the Lucy Ricardo character) knew her shortcomings, such as not being able to sing or play an instrument.  However, if the opportunity is there, why not go for it?  In her real life, dealing with a cheating husband did bring some financial rewards.  If you know about licensing and syndication, then you know that the Desilu estate will remain paid.


If that sounds crazy, here’s another fun fact.  The commercial below shows Ms. Ball accommodating her husband’s need to have only the “finest” cigarette as a gesture of love.  Too bad that offering someone a smoke (unless it’s green) is really doing the opposite, as both would later suffer health complications related to smoking.

Stand Up Comic Clowns Dude that Disses Him for Respecting Modern Feminism


This right here is classic.  In my many years of existence, I’ve never heard of a stand-up comedian defend HIS right to give a shout out to women.  Right now, I wish he could be cloned.  To see more of Steve Hofstetter, here’s a piece written specifically about the onstage rant.

To reach out to Steve via social media, here is Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel.  I know I’m going to be checking out more of this awesome man!

An Explanation and Updates

I’ve been reading feedback and wanted to address a couple of things. The White Girl blog post is not racist or a jab at females of the Caucasian persuasion. It’s old school slang for cocaine AND while the retro video shows the soft drink, there was once a time when there was something white inside…and it wasn’t sugar. Once again, my apologies if I offended you.  Courtesy of Daily Mail and Urban Dictionary (below)



white girl

slang name for cocaine more often used in school so teachers aren’t so sure what you’re talking about.

yo you got any white girl, i heard she’s hard to get right now.

#coke #cake #snow #rocks #and flake

by ehh. January 25, 2006

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The other thing is marketing solicitations. I’m not mad at anyone who has to make a living. However, anyone who floods the comments section or my email will never get my business.

I mean, really. You give me 1000 SEO articles or posts for pennies that sound like they were written by a farm animal. I contact you to correct this and for whatever reason, you’re no longer with the company…or the company’s out of business.

So I’d rather have readers as contributors, pay them more than a 3rd-tier contractor would receive and everyone’s happy because it’s through PayPal.

Lastly, the full edition of GENEROUS is on it’s way. The trial print edition is now on sale and the free digital version will be free until July 5.

Full Figures Repping in the Media

Trying to find a happy medium between being healthy without being emaciated from cancer and looking like someone who’s about to pop any minute.

Not making fun because my body has seen many stages.  However,super gross obesity (BMI of 60 or greater) affects few and can be looked at as imprisonment because this person usually can’t handle high-impact exercise.  However, Whitney Way proves the masses wrong. This week, she was on my local news promoting her show My Big Fat Fabulous Life.  She was energetic, affable, and seemed to be more real than some personalities that have appeared on the local news program.  What this video does not air is the reaction between her and the other talking heads. Though she reveals her weight is attributed to PCOS (a disease not easy to diagnose) Normally, they interact either during or after the interview but Ms. Whitney was the first time, I’d seen everyone turn their heads at the end of interview right before commercial break. BOO!  Mind you, this place is where Michaela Pereira reported the news before moving on to CNN and HLN recently.

The other item that caught my eye was another plus-size woman who decided to announce her engagement on social media.  Now if the guy really loves her, then I’m happy for her.  My experience has been that some men (regardless of nationality) gravitate towards larger women for maternal reasons.  Either they hate their mother or she wasn’t around to provide comfort and stability.  Anyway because people can be mean for no reason, she fired right back.  Get ’em girl because it is your life and you have a right to enjoy it just as much as anyone else.  Courtesy of Bossip.